About Descent of Darkness
Welcome to Descent of Darkness! A custom random loot server on EQEmu! 

The Descent of Darkness was a swift and world changing event on the world of Norrath. The minds of all races and creatures became filled with hate and utter madness, blaming anyone and everyone for whatever tragedy struck them. All familiar places, races and friends will now spew hate, attack and try to kill anyone on sight. The few who resisted the influence effecting the world created a magical barrier of safety in the plane of knowledge, the last and only place to find refuge. The world is dangerous, filled with hostile creatures everywhere, who also posses powerful magical equipment. 

  • Every single zone is hostile, the world has been corrupted by evil and the only friendly place is the Plane of Knowledge, all home cities, and every npc is stripped of their original quests and stats, and made insane aggressive dangerous and of course, bearers of wondrous magical items! 
  • Items are based on the level of the enemy, every 10 levels is a new tier(10, 20, 30 etc up to 90) lvl90+ drop the best. All the stats of items are randomized. Each item has 2 augslots. Augs are rare and without level restrictions. 
  • Adventures! You can go on adventures in Butcherblock, South Ro and Everfrost! 
  • The max level is 70. 
  • Bot quest starts with 1 bot allowed with a max of 5 through upgrades. 
  • Bot healing AI improved by using the ^stance system. Healer will only cast when hp is below a configurable percent, allowing them to save precious mana for when its needed. The default is 50% and can be set to anything from 40-99%. 
  • New zones for endgame characters(701-704,706-711)
  • Quests for new characters to gain some pp, and quests to get special items later on. 
  • This is a Solo server. IP limit is 1. 
  • Cleanse the old cities of the darkness, survive the entire city attacking you for unique rewards including custom mounts based on the area! 
  • Late endgame content Revamped for less grinding. Collect dark matter in shards landing(752) to upgrade your relics and challenge the most fearsome foes. Grow your strength and see if you can challenge the boss in the valley of King Xorbb(753).
  • New Zones for those who have defeated King Xorbb. Zones 724-731 featuring special tasks, area materials and upgrades for Relics and Dark Symbols up to 100!
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